Herbal tinctures are traditionally used as antiseptics and can be used both internally and externally. Alcohol, one of the main ingredients in herbal tinctures, extracts the active properties of the herbs and serves as a preservative. Depending on the herbs used, tinctures can treat wounds, soothe stomachs, ease coughs and brighten the complexion. The most typical use for tinctures is for herbal gargles, douches, compresses, liniments, washes, and baths. Tinctures are quite powerful, and therefore herbalists usually recommend that they be diluted with water before ingesting; dilute at a ratio of 5 to 15 drops per glass of water.

Our herbal tinctures are alcohol solutions prepared from fresh or dried botanicals utilizing the maceration method. The herb to menstrum ratio is 1:4.

We also have Alcohol-Free tinctures made with 100% vegetable glycerine

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