Jessica Writes:

RASH REMEDY: The Rash Remedy by Nature Made Botanicals is a wonderful product, my son has severe eczema and we have tried everything and for the longest time the only thing that helped unfortunately was steroid creams. With this salve I am able to keep it under control as soon as I put it on a spot the redness and puffiness lightens almost completely after 2-3 treatments its healed. Plus it makes his skin so soft on top of helping it heal, it’s such a great product.  (1/30/2014)

Vicki Writes:

SCRUMPTIOUS BODY MOUSSE: For weeks, my skin had been so dry my hands oozed blood from cracks in my knuckles. I\’m a Sign Language interpreter, so working was painful. I had tried a few different lotions and cremes to no avail. Then I tried Scrumptious Body Mousse by Nature Made Botanicals™. In just a few days my hands were smooth, moisturized, with no more cracks, bleeding, or pain. It also smooths my sandpaper-like elbow. I would urge anyone with dry skin to try Scrumptious Body Mousse by Nature Made Botanicals™.

HEADACHE BALM: Unable to get my blood pressure medication for about a month, I started having daily headaches.  I was concerned about taking so much over the counter pain medication and the liver damage it could cause.  A friend suggested that I try Headache Balm by Nature Made Botanicals.  At the beginning of the next headache, I reached for Headache Balm and rubbed it into my temples, behind my ears, and at the nape of my neck as directed.  In just moments the headache was gone!  I’ve had no need to ingest any pain killers ever since.

LIP BALM: Lip Balm by Nature Made Botanicals™ glides over chapped lips, softening them immediately. Cherry Lip Balm even smells delicious. Such a treat!   (2/25/14)

Kim Writes:

IMMUNE BOOSTER CAPSULES: The Immune Booster capsules by Nature Made Botanicals™ helped me with my post surgery fatigue and brain fog.       (7/14/2014)

Howard Writes:

I have Eczema on my elbows. Working with the public, it is quite noticeable when I wear short sleeves shirts. Rash Remedy by Nature Made Botanicals™ is amazing! It keeps my elbows clear and a little goes a long way. I would highly recommend this product. (9/17/2014)

Twyla Writes:

Ear Oil by Nature Made Botanicals™ has saved my ears! As a Hard of Hearing person, I wear hearing aids. The ear molds for my hearing aids cause wax build up and I am susceptible to ear infections. Ear Oil by Nature Made Botanicals™ facilitates the wax removal and soothes my ears. (5/20/2014)

I twisted my knee stepping off my front porch; I decided to use Arthritis Salve by Nature Made Botanicals™ on it. I was amazed! It took the pain away, so I tried it on my heel spurs. I put the salve on my arches where the spurs were hurting. I felt no pain, just a little tingling and no stink like menthol. It is definitely my go to arthritis product. (8/15/2014)

Linda Writes:

I originally got the Immune Booster Capsules by Nature Made Botanicals for myself. Upon arriving home, my son said he was feeling really sick. I gave him 2 capsules of Immune Booster again the next morning for three days. Two in the morning two at night by the fourth day, he was fine. (9/30/2014)

I love my Lavender Hand and Body Mousse by Nature Made Botanicals™  It not only keeps my hands soft but aids me at night when I sleep. I apply it through out the day and before I go to sleep the lavender is so calming I get to sleep peacefully. (1/30/2014)

Shane Writes:

I was having problems sleeping because of the day to day grind and stress. Nature Made Botanicals™ said they would research and put something together for me and came up with the Stressless Tincture by Nature Made Botanicals™ . The first night I took this tincture, I put one dropper full in to my tea and got the best sleep i have had in 4 years. I continue to use this tincture any time I am having undue stress or sleepless nights.  (1/12/2015)